The military community is one which takes care of its own.  There is an inherent sense of responsibility to each other and the well-known phrase “never leave a man behind” is ingrained into our way of being.  Combat experiences create an even stronger bond.  Only people in that group can relate to one another; whereas trained doctors, outsiders and even family members may never fully understand the bond created.

Combat Arms Reunion Experience (CARE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We raise funds to provide reunion experiences for small groups of combat veterans who have served together.

Our ultimate goal is to sustain lasting relationships and develop an internal network of support for combat veterans. We are very passionate about our cause. We are living proof that internal networks of support fostered by relationships forged in combat can provide a crucial element of stability for combat veterans.

Bonds formed in combat are very strong and extremely unique. When combat veterans leave the military, the support system we once had as comrades can begin to fade. Through personal experience, the co-founders of CARE have built and maintained a sustainable support network amongst ourselves. When one member of the group struggled, the others identified the issue(s) and provided needed support.

The co-founders discovered combat veterans stay in touch more regularly through reunions, and they are often more open with each other about personal issues or problems. Maintaining these valuable relationships allows veterans to help other veterans in the group who may be having issues – both personally and professionally.

The veterans in need of support were receptive to the assistance provided by their comrades because of the trusting bonds formed in combat and maintained as civilians. We want to pass along this unique internal form of support to other combat veterans.

We are using a recipe that has helped us through some tough times. It works because we truly care. We would like to share that experience with other combat veterans. We will be posting updates on business development, fundraisers, and following up on reunions through our Blog and Facebook page.