Incorporated in 2015, CARE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. CARE exists out of necessity. When combat veterans leave the military, the support system they once had can begin to fade. Through personal experience, the co-founders of CARE – all combat veterans – have built and maintained a sustainable support network amongst us. When one member of the group is struggling or in need, the others identify the issue(s), and provide needed support.

The co-founders discovered through reunions, veterans stay in touch more regularly, and are more open with each other about personal issues or problems. Maintaining these valuable relationships allows veterans to help other veterans in the group who may be suffering internally, both personally and professionally. The veterans, who were in need of support, were receptive to the assistance provided by their fellow veterans because of the trusting bonds formed in combat then maintained as civilians. The co-founders want to share what we have experienced and learned through this unique internal form of support network to other combat veterans.